This Story brings you to my Mission.

I am a Ugandan Lady!

Well in old days the ladies and the gentlemen  had rights to meet them selves so long as they dreamt about eachother,it did not matter on the road sides,shopping or even in farms  or on their ways back home from the farms in the the villages.

To them it did not matter how they looked like at that time but when their hearts were beating for eachother,they dreamt About  being one,

That meant getting married,living together and making families .

Any thing  they had was always enough cos there were no Office Jobs and all they had was to work in their farms to provide for thier families.

They were happy and certisfied in their lives and their marriages with a little they had.

But now many ladies and the gentlemen miss to be given that Chance to take their time to look for some one they really deeply love, to make their own decissions  who to get married to and live with.

Since their parents see them through Schools ,they decide for them who to get married to ,or whom they should get into relatiopship with.

Many ladies and most gentlemen do not like this and many are tired of it because forcing love never works however much u do force it.

One day ,i went back home(Uganda) for a Holiday,

This  is when i meet alot of Young beautiful ladies,cute and understanding gentlemen complaining about it.

They said they needed to meet men and women of their dreams, than to just jump into relationships before knowing if they were sure they were in love.

When  i came back to Europe,i was telling some of my European friends  about my Mission,i found out that most of them have not  yet met their dream men and women too.

I came up with this idea of making this Website because here every one has a Right to choose who she or he wants to spend the rest his or life with and without parents ideas.

Now here is my Mission.If you are out there,you have dated on enough  Dating sites  and have not met your dream man or your dream Woman yet , still single and you can still give your heart a chance to try again,register!this is the  right Dating site for you.(scp-partnervermittlung.de) Give your hearts chances to love a gain!

Your dream  woman and your dream man is a mong  these Profiles!

Check their Profiles,find your match and start Dating!

Wish you alot  of luck in your Dating time!

Your´s scp-partnervermittlung.de!

Your questions will be attended to!


                                     Payment method

You can choose to pay 100 Euros per year for the Membership, where by you have,

                     . 100 messages to send

                     .   50 photos to upload

                      . 10 Gifts to send.

We have found out that 100 Messages might be very Little for your Messages because you need to know eachother really too good to plan for your first date and we do not think you are going to Chat with only one Person, because the site was made for you to take your time to search  your missing rib.This time do not be in a hurry please take your time!

We have provided  other ways of ordering your Messages by using ,

  .Gold:- you may choose to order Gold, which is 86,00 Euros,

               Having .10000 Messages to send

                               .100 photos to upload

                                .50 Gifts to send

  .Silver;- You may choose to order Silver,which is 49,00 Euros,

                 Having . 5000 Messages to send

                               . 50 photos to upload

                               . 25 Gifts to send

  .Bronze:- You may choose to order Bronze,which is 24,00 Euros,

                  Having .1000 Messages to send

                                . 25 photos to upload

                                . 10 Gifts to send

By ordering Gold,silver or bronze you are adding more possibility to your self to communicate to every one of your choice with enough self confidence.  Running out of Messages while still enjoying your conversation with the People you are chating to,would not be the best feeling.Believe me we know how that feels.

Please Always  press your order in time to Keep in conversation, for the best of your searching!

                                  First date trip

As stated already in the Blog above, we have plans for the members who would love to  meet and make their first Dates in Africa (Uganda).

For this we have given a fixed Price.When time comes and you really feel my dream man or Woman is in Africa (Uganda), when you need our service please click on first date, order for your first date and send us an e-mail on the e-mail adress below.We shall greatfully get back to you.

Yours scp-partnervermittlung.de